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City Expects to Complete Joey Lopes Park by December

Posted: 8/28/2015

Black and White Photo of Joey Lopes in Boxing Gear
Pictured is an old photo of Joey Lopes.
Photo courtesy of West Sacramento City iLights

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - A new park under construction in the Sycamore neighborhood named after West Sacramento sports legend Joseph (Joey) Lopes should be complete by the end of the year. The four-acre site is parallel to Sycamore Avenue, from West Capitol Avenue south to Evergreen Avenue. Park improvements include play equipment, lighting, benches, picnic tables, drinking fountains, a shade shelter, half-court basketball, and a parking area. The park’s funding was provided by a state grant award of $4.1 million.

The late Mr. Lopes qualified for the 1948 U.S. Olympics boxing team as an alternate before going on to contend for the World Lightweight title three times. In 1955, he was named Athlete of the Year by the Sacramento Union. In retirement, Mr. Lopes managed the careers of several boxers. He also served as president and vice president of the West Sacramento Sanitary District and was a member of the West Sacramento Optimist Club. He was also an organizer of the West Sacramento Babe Ruth Baseball League.

The Joey Lopes Park is scheduled for completion by December 28th, 2015. In addition to the park’s construction, the organization YoloArts is seeking artists or art groups to provide proposals for a public art project to be installed at Joey Lopes Park. For more information, visit YoloArts at

Source: West Sacramento City iLights

New Contract for Homeless Coordination

By Jan Dalske
Posted: 8/28/2015

A Homeless Woman Gazes Into the Distance
The Homeless Coordination Project Agreement was first instituted in 1988.
Photo by John-Michael Kibrick

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - The West Sacramento City Council approved an updated Homeless Coordination Project Agreement (HCPA) at their last meeting. All of the cities within Yolo County, as well as the County itself, signed the agreement three years ago. The HCPA stipulates that each city will pay for a portion of the amount required for a homeless coordinator.

The West Sacramento City Council has agreed to pay $20,000 from the general fund for the remaining length of the agreement. This agreement was previously funded by Community Development Block Grant funds. Block Grant funds are no longer an eligible funding source. Therefore, the City Council will be using money from the general fund. By approval of this agreement, $20,000 is approved for the first year. There is an option to renew each year for two fiscal years. This amount equals 27.29% of the total cost for the 2015-16 fiscal year.

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River Cats Name Video Stars

Posted: 8/21/2015

Young People Focus Camera and Microphone on an Interview
The voices of the Raley Stadium volunteers, kids, and grown-ups weave into the 11 finished videos that were juried for recognition this year. All submissions are posted for public view at
Photos by William Bronston

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - The River Cats will introduce a youth-produced, digital media competition-winning video to the public on August 21st. The video was made by students at Bella Vista High School and has been titled Spirit of Sacramento. It will be awarded first place at Raley Field’s pre-game ceremonies and shown to the game audience.

The video was chosen by the River Cats media leaders as the best of the 11 short videos produced by high school media artists from across the Sacramento region at their fourth annual Youth Media Day in partnership with the Tower of Youth (TOY) and Youth Broadcast & Media Association (YBAMA). Bella Vista High student producer Nick Manascalco, director Alex Earls, and Keegan Keiting, Grant Bailey, and Louis Jackson plotted their beautifully shot and narrated work at the Tower of Youth’s Sports Media Theatron training sessions. The Cats designated two more youth studio teams from Christian Brothers High School and Cosumnes Oaks High School as excellence awardees in this year’s competition.

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Shinmei Opens New State-of-the-Art Factory in West Sac

By Jan Dalske
Posted: 8/21/2015

Oscar Villegas, Martin Tuttle, Marty Swingle, Chris Ledesma, Diane Richards, Christopher Cabaldon, Denice Seals, Mr. Yoshikawa, and Mr. Fujio Cut the Ribbon
From left to right: Yolo County Supervisor Oscar Villegas, West Sacramento City Manager Martin Tuttle, West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce Board Member Marty Swingle, Mayor Pro Tem Chris Ledesma, City of West Sacramento Project Manager Diane Richards, Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce CEO Denice Seals, Shinmei Agri President Mr. Yoshikawa, and Shinmei Foods U.S.A. CEO Mr. Fujio.
Photo courtesy of the City of West Sacramento

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - The $10 million Shinmei Co. Ltd. rice bun factory officially opened on Wednesday, August 12th. The rice bun factory is located next to the Nippon-Shokken plant in Southport. Japanese company officials had hoped to open the plant in February, but experienced some delays. They then planned for the early summer, but that schedule also turned out to be too aggressive. The factory will implement state-of-the-art cooking and processing equipment that has never been used in the United States, which was imported from Shinmei in Japan.

Shinmei was founded in 1950 in Kobe, Japan, and works in the wholesale purchase of rice and grains. Their rice buns are currently sold in markets across Japan, Australia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and many areas of Asia. Their buns can be made from either brown or white organic or non-organic rice, and are available in a variety of creative flavors. The newly completed factory is meant to expand the gluten-free bun product to the Americas.

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Proposed City Charter Will Need Voter Approval

By Jan Dalske
Posted: 8/14/2015

City of West Sacramento Logo

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - A proposed city charter concept was introduced at the last West Sacramento City Council meeting. Many local voters were at the meeting to express their concerns about changing the way that their City operates. Any future discussions will also be held at the City Council meetings, and the public is invited to offer suggestions and share their concerns. When completed, the proposed city charter will be presented to the voters of West Sacramento for their approval.

The process will take up to 10 months and involve “scoping, planning, and public input” before the final draft is complete. Councilmember Beverly Sandeen stated, “I am looking forward to our discovery and deliberations as we contemplate a charter for our city.” In May and June of 2016, two properly noticed public hearings will be held. In order for the charter to be voted on at the November 8th, 2016 election day, the City of West Sacramento will need to submit ballot arguments by August 12th, 2016.

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IRS Warns Taxpayers About New Tricks by Scam Artists

Victims of These Scams Report Losses Totaling Over $20 Million

Posted: 8/14/2015

IRS Scam Alert Graphic

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - Following the emergence of new variations of widespread tax scams, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued another warning to taxpayers to remain on high alert and protect themselves against the ever-evolving array of deceitful tactics scammers use to trick people.

These schemes—which can occur over the phone, in emails, or through letters with authentic-looking letterhead—try to trick taxpayers into providing personal financial information or scare people into making a false tax payment that ends up going to the criminal.

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West Sacramento Man Michael Reyes Found Guilty

Posted: 8/7/2015

Bill Signed Providing Professional Sports Cheerleaders with Employee Rights

AB 202 Ensures Cheerleaders for Professional Sports Teams are Treated as Employees Under the Law

Posted: 8/7/2015

DMV Issues Nearly 400,000 Licenses Under AB 60

Posted: 8/7/2015

New Water Use Guidelines

Posted: 7/31/2015

Hotels Planned for Reed Avenue

By Jan Dalske
Posted: 7/31/2015

On-the-Job Training Increases, Employment Pool Shrinks

Posted: 7/31/2015


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