Letter to the Editor, Opposition to The Nest #6

West Sacramento, Ca  |  By Amanda and Jason Warren

Dear Mayor and West Sacramento City Council Members,

As residents of West Sacramento and Clarksburg/Delta Alumni, we wish to voice our family’s opposition to the proposed location for the Nest project.  We support the idea of the Nest, but the current proposed location is a public safety risk, particularly for the young students who attend Our Lady of Grace School.

The Nest is proposed to be built less than 100 feet from the Our Lady of Grace School playground, a school that has students as young as four years old.

When businesses at the Southport Town Center force transients and other unwanted visitors to leave, the Nest would be a natural place for these individuals to congregate. If these individuals are not welcome at places of business, then they certainly are not welcome next to a school playground.

Assemble Sacramento has suggested a barrier between the school and the Nest. This is an unacceptable solution because our school has limited financial means and should not be saddled with the financial burden of maintaining the barrier. Additionally, it will create more work for a school that already handles the bulk of its maintenance through the help of parent volunteers.

Please consider these factors and urge Assemble Sacramento to find another location for their project.  We as parents and long time residents URGE your consideration in this matter!!

Thank you for your consideration,

Amanda and Jason Warren