Wildflower Tour with Tuleyome

WOODLAND, CA (MPG)  |  By Tuleyome.org
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Participants can expect to see fields full of wildflowers and other creatures. Photo by Mary Hanson

WOODLAND, CA (MPG) - Tuleyome is hosting a wildflower tour on April 14, and members of the public encouraged to join to learn some of the best spots to see wildflowers!

Botany expert, Glen Holstein, will lead the auto-tour which will visit many spots around the Northern Inner Coast Range area well known for wildflower displays. At each stop, Dr. Holstein will provide participants with information on the blooming flowers. Commonly seen flowers include Tidytips, Goldfields, Lupine, and Mariposa Lilies.

Dr. Holstein received his PhD in Botany from U.C. Davis and is retired from his position as Senior Scientist with Zentner and Zentner, a local biological consulting company. He has published peer reviewed research on California Prairie in Madroño, the journal of the California Botanical Society. Holstien is also the Chapter Botanist for the Sacramento Valley Chapter of the California Native Plant Society. 

Wildflowers not only provide a wonderful backdrop to a drive through the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument region, they are an important part of the region’s natural history and ecosystems, providing food to a wide variety of insects and animals. The tour provided by Tuleyome will not only inform participants about the different species but will also demonstrate how easy it is to find them in the region.

Participants should expect the event to last most of the day, and should bring water, snacks, a lunch, and a camera with them. There is a $50 fee for the tour. Go to Tuleyome’s website at http://tuleyome.org/events/ to sign up and get more details, or contact Nate Lillge at nlillge@tuleyome.org.

Tuleyome is a nonprofit organization based in Woodland, CA.  Its mission is to work with diverse communities to conserve, enhance, restore and enjoy the regional public lands and open spaces.