City of West Sacramento: Public Works Crews Take Care of Our Roads

West Sacramento, CA (MPG)  |  City of West Sacramento Press Release
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A City of West Sacramento bulldozer digs a trench through asphalt. Courtesy City of West Sacramento

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Public Works Crews of the City of West Sacramento must observe all safety precautions. Courtesy City of West Sacramento.

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - In honor of National Public Works crews, we are highlighting accomplishments by our Public Works staff throughout the week. We would like to thank them for their hard work in maintaining our streets, roads, bridges and public transportation that keep us linked together!

Crews fixed at least 150 potholes within the last year! The work included the following:

25,280 square ft. of asphalt placed on roads to repair potholes and troubled surface areas. Comparatively speaking, this is equivalent to 10.5 tennis courts.

Crack sealed 1,584 feet of roads

Completed pavement repair along Industrial Boulevard

Street sweepers cleaned and swept 8,200 miles of roads

Cleaned 32 bus shelters once a week

Maintained 46 traffic signals

Maintained 4617 street lights