Retrofitting Homes to Keep Seniors Living Safe at Home

Sacramento Region, CA (MPG)  |  By Mia Lopez, Uptown Studios
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SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - Rebuilding Together Sacramento will discuss simple safety improvements to help increase seniors’ mobility and safety in their homes, and discuss their Safe at Home program.

Falls in the home are a serious health issue that is often preventable with simple lifestyle and home updates. The Safe at Home program is available to those of any income level. Trained volunteers improve accessibility and safety with simple items that can make a big difference. There is a need for affordable housing, particularly for older adults and those with disabilities. Homes need retrofits that support aging in place and this is an ever-growing concern.

This service is essential to seniors in Sacramento because:

“‘Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older persons,’ said Erik Listou, co-founder of the Living in Place Institute… ” Bliss, S. (Aug. 23, 2018). The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from;

“Aging in place has also been shown to have health and emotional benefits over institutional care… ” Evidence Matters (Fall 2013). Measuring the Costs and Savings of Aging in Place. Retrieved from;

“Over three-fourths of professional remodelers undertake projects designed to allow homeowners to Age-in-Place... ” Emrath, Paul (May 8, 2019). Eye on Housing. Retrieved from

Rebuilding Together Sacramento is seeking volunteers who want to improve the safety and independence of older adults and those with disabilities by installing safety items in their homes.

Rebuilding Together Sacramento (RTS) is a nonprofit organization that has been serving the Greater Sacramento area since 1991. RTS continues to expand its partnerships with others that are revitalizing neighborhoods, improving homes, preventing falls and reducing energy use.

More about the organization: