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Appreciating Our Firefighters

Jan 20, 2023 12:00AM ● By Story and photos by Michele Townsend

L to R: Firefighters Jim Staley and Brandon McTighe are happy to receive a little happiness for future children having a rough day.

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WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - West Sacramento Moose Lodge 1762 held a Firefighter Appreciation Day breakfast Sunday morning, January 14th. The lodge, located at 3240 Jefferson Blvd. in West Sacramento, has been holding this breakfast to honor and thank our local firefighters for the last fifteen years.

Firefighters received a free breakfast with menu choices, including eggs, bacon and/or sausage, ham, chicken-fried steak, pork steaks, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, omelets, eggs with spinach and ground beef with cheese, tomatoes, onions or bell peppers added.

The Moose Lodge, however, is all about community, so just honoring the firefighters was not enough. The lodge presented each of the fire departments with “Tommy Moose” stuffed animals to give out if there are any children on the scenes they respond to. The toys bring soothing comfort and a sense of security to children who are going through traumatic events.

Unfortunately, the firefighters who made it to the lodge for breakfast weren’t able to stay long before they received a call and had to run out the door. So, Tommy Moose got delivered to the fire stations instead. The firefighters at each station were thrilled to receive the moose.

“Oh, this is great! We can always use these!” said Probationary Firefighter Rick Navarro at Station House 132, located on 15th Street. Those at Station 44, located on Fremont Blvd., were just as happy to receive the moose.

“These really do help the kids,” said firefighter Brandon McTighe, as he helped bring the moose into the station. Just as in Station 132, the moose joined the firefighters at Station 44 in a photo and then right into the trucks they went… ready for when they were needed.

Moose Lodge 1762 serves breakfast every Sunday morning. For $8-$10, you can choose from a nice selection of meals. In addition to breakfast, you can order juice or milk or perhaps you can get something from the bar. If you are unfamiliar with where the Moose Lodge is located, it is on Jefferson Blvd., heading South, past the high school, where the road switches from two lanes into one. It’s easy to miss behind the brush. There are a few parking spaces out front, but there is more parking available behind the fence, to the side of the building.


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