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5th Street Widening Complete

Jun 03, 2024 04:47PM ● By Angela Underwood

From left, Capital Projects Director Ariana Adame, Councilmember Quirina Orozco, Mayor Martha Guerrero, project engineer Ryan Teves and Chris Dougherty with Sacramento Area Council of Governments cut the ribbon on May 30 for the completed 5th Street widening project. Photo courtesy of the City of West Sacramento

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - The weather for the ribbon cutting of a major city project couldn't have been better.

"Thank you for joining us today to celebrate the 5th Street Widening and Riverfront Street Extension Project completion," Mayor Martha Guererro said under the bright sun and light breeze. "This significant infrastructure improvement marks a major milestone for West Sacramento, transforming a once industrial area into a vibrant, accessible part of our city."

According to the mayor, the Riverfront Street extension is key to the Bridge District's development, enhancing connectivity along the Sacramento River waterfront. She said it also provides essential utilities and features, including "innovative stormwater management with groundwater and infiltration basins under the sidewalks, which use the sandy soil by the river."

5th Street Widening Project

 The aerial view shows the 5th Street Widening Project making  a safe pathway for cyclists and pedestrians at the intersection. Photo courtesy of the City of West Sacramento

Guererro detailed Riverfront Streets' new extension north under the Pioneer Bridge, U.S. Route 50, which now provides significant shovel-ready development opportunities along the Sacramento River.

"The project includes a two-lane roadway, sidewalks, bike lanes, water, sewer, and storm drains, as well as protected bike lanes on nearby 5th street," Guerrero said, noting the major north-south road serves industrial, commercial, and residential areas. "The addition of pedestrian sidewalks and bicycle lanes connect 15th Street and Jefferson Boulevard to the Bridge District, filling a critical gap in our city's infrastructure."

The mayor said intersection enhancements, including a modified bicycle scramble traffic signal and protected bike lanes, provide safer and more efficient routes for commuters, pedestrians, and cyclists while improving connectivity to Pioneer Bluff, the Bridge District, and downtown. 

According to West Sacramento public information officer Paul Hosley, project supporters include the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, local water funds and Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District local funds.

"Highlights of the 18-month long project include the extension of Riverfront Street and the widening of 5th street," Hosley said.

However, the construction process was challenging.

"Over the 18-month period, we navigated traffic shifts, road closures, and worked in an industrial area with complex underground utilities and rail lines," Guerrero said." We even discovered an outdated primary water line that required replacement."

Construction crews successfully addressed these challenges through coordination and determination, ensuring minimal delays and disruption, according to the mayor, who said project partners and the Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District made the project possible.

"As we celebrate the project completion, I want to express my gratitude to everyone involved. Your hard work and dedication have brought new life to West Sacramento," Guererro said. "Our commitment to ongoing infrastructure improvements remains strong and I look forward to the positive impact this project will have on our community."

Pioneer Bluff Bridge District

 A resident is out enjoying a scooter ride on the pathway, which is now open to the public and connects key areas, including Pioneer Bluff and the Bridge District. Photo courtesy of the City of West Sacramento

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